For your visa in Germany

In many cases foreign students need a study visa to enable their entry to Germany. Exceptions hold the students travelling from the European Union countries, European economic area (EWR) and Swiss. To enter Germany these students need only their ID or a similar authentication i.e. passport. Coming from other countries the students need to apply for a visa. For the visa application there is one important issue to proof, which is the financial creditability. This is called: blocked account. Please consult our extensive offers.

The Fintiba Basic Package includes a blocked account which enables you the sufficient financial credibility. This is one condition for the granting of the visa.

The blocked account is official approved by the German Federal Foreign Office and accepted worldwide. Fintiba is the most experienced and market leader of digital blocked accounts since 2017. Fintiba is the experienced leader with customers from over 160 countries. They can handle any particularities of these countries for the optimization of their services.

The blocked account can be opened within only a few hours. Within minutes you get your personal Fintiba account where you can perform all your financial activities.

Once you opened your account you can transfer the amount on the blocked account that will be opened in your own name to guarantee security and facilitate international money transfers. You will receive immediately the confirmation to be used for the visa appointment as well.

So, apply now for your blocked account and get further information.

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