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A private liability insurance protects you against personal injury, property damage and financial losses

Services and tariffs.

• Personal injury, property damage and financial losses: In the event of damage, the private liability insurance company checks whether and to what extent liability for damages exists, takes over the compensation if it is justified – and defends unjustified claims for you off. In court if necessary.

• Protection abroad: With personal liability insurance from Allianz, you are insured around the clock. Even if you are staying abroad temporarily.

• Tariffs: There are special rates for singles, couples and families to suit every situation in life. In the family liability insurance, you and all persons belonging to your household are insured – regardless of marital status, family relationship, age and economic independence. For young people under the age of 25 there is private liability insurance at particularly favourable premiums.

Personal liability insurance: SicherheitPlus
· Cover for personal injury, property damage and financial losses up to 30 million Euro
· Damage caused by courtesy: Occurs when assistance is provided free of charge, e.g. when moving house. No legal liability claim up to 15,000 Euro (deductible150 Euro)
· Loss of keys, private and business up to 300.000 Euro
· Damages on rented private items up to 30,000 Euro (deductible 150 Euro)
· Damages caused in the hostel up to 300,000 Euro (deductible 150 Euro)
· Bad depts expenses: if another person damaged you or your property and the person is not insured and can not üay the fee, your own liability insurance covers up to 30 million Euro (damages orth more than 2,500 Euro)
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