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You can trust our long term experience in health care issues, for an efficient solution to your potential needs. We take care of all the needed documents for the visa application and university registration. You take care of your study, we take care of your health! In us you’ll find the reliable partner for further questions concerning health and social insurances.

Statutory Health Insurance

Generally you have to be insured according to the law § 5 Abs.1, No.9 SGB V.

For the registration at a German university it is mandatory to have a document “Versicherungsbescheinigung” from a statutory health insurance.

With a travel insurance or a similar insurance from your home country it is not possible to register to a German university.

You will need anyway a document “Versicherungsbescheinigung” from a statutory health insurance.

At the AOK you don’t need prepayments for the application. All involved questions to the payments, will be easily dealt with, after your arrival in Germany.

AOK insured you in Germany and all the European Union countries. In emergency cases you’ll get treated also in Swiss, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

After you filled in the application, you comfortably get the necessary documents within 24 hours per e-mail.

AOK does not do a health check or record of pre-existing condition. Once your health insurance with the AOK started, your pre-existing conditions are fully taken into consideration.

Owning the AOK electronic insurance card you can consult conveniently a doctor any time.

You do not have to pay anything, your doctor sends the bill directly to the AOK.

It is mandatory to have the care insurance as well. If you owe a health insurance, you are automatically care insured.

Private Insurance

With a travel insurance or a similar private insurance it is not possible to register to a German university.

You will need anyway a document “Versicherungsbescheinigung” from a statutory health insurance.

Disease notified before the contract was signed are generally not taken into consideration.

The private insurance covers only emergency cases.

Generally you have to make the payments in advance. That means that you do the prepayments and send the bill to the private insurance company. The private insurance checks the amount of the reimbursement.

Blocked Account

As a foreign student from a non European Union country you mostly need a blocked account which proofs your financial credibility. Next to the health insurance it is one of the most important criteria for the validation of your study visa. The blocked account must exist before the arrival in Germany. Therefore it is to be made in your home country at a bank which can confirm it, i.e. Fintiba.

The blocked account is a special account where a minimum amount of 10,236 Euro (as of 2019) must be transferred in order to prove that you can finance your studies for one year. This amount is blocked till your arrival in Germany. A maximum of 853 Euro per month can then be withdrawn from the blocked account, unless a higher amount has been transferred.

You need a valid passport. You don’t need notarised documents or originals sent by mail.

The initial fee is 89 Euro and the monthly charged fee is 4,90 Euro.

The 4,90 Euro fee starts as soon as the money enters your account. The fee stars at the opening of your bank account.

We explicitly recommend to open your blocked account only when you are sure that it is necessary for your visa application. You can ask it at the embassy.

Liability Insurance

Generally it is not mandatory. Nevertheless you can do it voluntarily. However this insurance is one of the most important insurance in Germany. This insurance covers damages done to other persons, items or financial property. If you decide against a liability insurance, you are in charge of the damaged which you caused and you pay it on your own.

This insurance is valid for minimum one year. Albeit you have to cancel the insurance three months before the end of the contract, otherwise it will be prolonged for another year. If you leave the country you have to get the deregistration from the city hall to be able to cancel the contract immediately.

The canceling can be done online.

The fee for “SicherheitPlus” covers:

The coverage for persons, items or financial property is 30 million Euro.

Courtesy damage: done free of charge i.e. removal. No legal liability claim up to 15,000 Euro (deductible 150 Euro)

Lose of private or business keys up to 300,000 Euro

Damages on rented private items up to 30,000 Euro (deductible 150 Euro)

Damages caused in the hostel up to 300,000 Euro (deductible 150 Euro)

Bad debt expenses: if another person damaged you or your property, and the person is not insured and cannot pay the fee, your own liability insurance covers up to 30 million Euro (damages worth more than 2,500 Euro)

The yearly fee starts at 71.44* Euro “SicherheitPlus”

*Yearly fee for students till the age 25.

You might choose another tariff if you wish. The yearly fee starts at 60.04 Euro for students till the age 25. However you have to consider that this lowers the coverage as well.

We highly recommend the tariff of the “SicherheitPlus”. This tariff covers all main damages.

• Damage occurs

• First you have to inform Allianz here or call them.

• Allianz proofs the damage and contacts you afterwards. Wait please before you do further steps until Allianz contact you.

• The reparation or replacement can be ordered only then ordered by you.

• Please send the invoice to the Allianz to get the reimbursement.

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