Great service with MAWISTA Insurance

If you plan or need a German language course to study in Germany, you have to consider the health insurance.

For the duration of the language course you unfortunately cannot have a student’s statutory health insurance. We offer you a convenient solution to be insured in case of illness. At least at the beginning of the regular study you must get the statutory health insurance.

With MAWISTA you can not only insure your health but also obtain easily a visa or extend your visa if you are already in Germany.

If you want to register at a German university you need the confirmation of the statutory health insurance “Versicherungsbescheinigung”. Your reliable and competent partner for this is the AOK! You will easily get all necessary documents for your registration.

We will also end your contract with MAWISTA as soon as your study starts and activate the student AOK insurance.

Well insured with MAWISTA

Private insurance for the entering Germany and for visa application. Accepted by all German embassies or consulates.

Service and tariffs

· outpatient treatment

· analgesic dental treatments

· cover is unlimited and provides more than just the 30,000 Euro minimum cover required for obtaining a visa

· Accepted by all German embassies or consulates

· reimbursement without deductibles

· reasonable monthly fee

The insurance cover fulfils the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 and applies in all Member States fully implementing the Schengen acquis.

The sum insured is not limited to the minimum coverage of EUR 30,000.

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