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With the start of your study abroad you step into a new stage of your life that confronts you with new challenges

One of it is the health insurance, which is mandatory in Germany, for your registration on a German University as a student.

For each students registered in a German university, regardless of their nationality, generally must have the German statutory health insurance.

A visa is also required for most of the foreign students entering our country.

Exceptions hold the students traveling from the European Union and the European economic area (EWR).

Additional to this the foreign students need an account for the visa application which confirms their financial status. One possibility for this is a blocked account.

“A new city, new friends, new life!”

Our offers:

Travel Insurance / Visa

Private insurance for the entering Germany and for visa application. Accepted by all German embassies or consulates. Reimbursement of all insured medical costs in unlimited amounts.


Health Insurance for Students

For the registration to a German university, generally you must have a statutory health insurance. You’ll receive, in advance of your entry to Germany, all the required documents for your visa application and university registration.

Liability Insurance

A brief act of carelessness or a mishap can end up expensive for you. We offer you the opportunity to cover possible risks or damages caused unintentional in daily life environments.

Health Insurance for Language Students

If you plan or need a German language course to study in Germany, you have to consider the health insurance. We offer you a convenient solution to be insured in case of illness.

Blocked Account

Another requirement in addition to the health insurance for a student visa is the financial proof, called blocked account. This has to be opened in your home countries.

Apply simply online for the student Health Insurance:

Students comments:

My email is simply to thank you and your services that were very helpful and essential to my stay in Germany from day one. Since i have arrived to Heidelberg to pursue my Masters degree in SRH Hochschule Heidelberg, i have seen and felt all the support and help from insuranceME and AOK services along with your 24/7 follow up to any matter that i or any other student would request or demand.
It is very important for any International student arriving to Germany to feel that medical support specially when we are in a foreign country away from our hometown. I hope you keep up on this tough and hard work and i wish you and all AOK members in Heidelberg all the best for the upcoming future.

Zahi El Rabih

As a student coming from India to Germany, its always difficult to survive without support from family. But insurance services from insuranceME was one of the best support for me till now. I can say services provided by AOK are very fast and easy to access and responsiable person from AOK are availabe 24 hours to reply us in emergencies. I can recommend AOK to Intenational student those who are coming from different part of world and planning to get insurance which is very important part as per the German government.

Abhishek Gupta
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